The Gothenburg Cabinet, Swedish 1942

The Gothenburg Cabinet, Swedish 1942

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H: 135cm (53.1")W: 101cm (39.8")D: 39cm (15.4")


The Göteborg 2 Cabinet, No 12 of 12.  Designated a 'Praktskåp' - 'State Cabinet' on the drawings.  The cabinet was designed by ERIK MATTSSON, and made by Mjölby Intarsia, design No 4704.  The composite Gothenburg view in parquetry and marquetry inlay uses 33 different woods and is signed and dated '42 in the inlay.  Commissioned and sold by AB Harry Carlsson for their Stockholm showrooms, Cabinet No 12 was sold in 1944, original documentation including the list of the timbers in the design are available.  Harry Carlsson also commissioned a similar cabinet 'Stockholm 2' designed by Birger Ekman from Mjölby Intarsia.
Erik Mattsson is represented at Nordiska Musset with the Engelbrekt Cabinet, design No 4206, signed and dated to the door '40.