VERNER HOLMQUIST, oil on panel, hay cutting

VERNER HOLMQUIST, oil on panel, hay cutting

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H: 68cm (26.8")W: 84cm (33.1")


VERNER HOLMQUIST, Swedish 1888-1959, oil on panel, signed and dated '57.  View of hay stooks in a field.

Verner Holmquist, born 18.09.1888, died 06.06.1959. 

Whilst studying chemistry at Lund University his interest in painting developed.

1923/4 - he went to study with Carl Wilhelmson

1926 - graduated in Chemistry at Uppsala University

1926 - studied at Académie Colarossi and Académie de Montparnasse, Paris.  One of his teachers there was Per Krogh. 

After his return to Sweden he worked some time as an art master and then as a teacher of chemistry. 

His most notable exhibitions -

1929 - Göteborgs Konstförening - Art Association

1934 & 1935 exhibitions with Skånes Art Association, as well as a solo exhibition in Gothenburg

1937 - retrospective in Örebro. 

By the early '30s he had his own clear style, influenced by Van Gogh

His worked in oil, watercolour and sketching, mainly landscapes, still lives and portraits.


Bohusläns Museum.