VÄINÖ TIGER, Finnish 1896-1964

VÄINÖ TIGER, Finnish 1896-1964

Code: 0212


H: 54.5cm (21.5")W: 65cm (25.6")


VÄINÖ TIGER, Finnish 1896-1964, oil on canvas, signed and dated '50, a view from Tengeliö, Finland.  A beautifully calm and restful painting, with complex subtle detail which gradually reveals itself.

Väinö Tiger, born 23.01.1896 in Muhos, died 30.06.1964. 

1915-1917 - studied at the Arts and Crafts School, Finland. in 1918-1919 - further studies at the same school

Tiger participated in Finnish Artists' Exhibitions between 1921 and 1945.