THERESIA SANDSTRÖM, Swedish 1893-1981

THERESIA SANDSTRÖM, Swedish 1893-1981

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H: 59cm (23.2")W: 94cm (37")


THERESIA SANDSTRÖM, Swedish 1893-1981, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1926, marine view, retaining its original frame.

Lisen Theresia Sandström, born Dahl on 21.06.1893 in Ringarum, Östergötlands county, died 1981, she was a Swedish artist. 

She studied art in the Netherlands in 1916 and in Germany in 1919. 

She took part in several group exhibitions in Stockholm between 1944 and 1947, as well as other exhibitions organized by various art associations. 

She is particularly known for her landscapes from the areas of Skåne and Kolmården.  She signed her works T. Dahl.