TADEUSZ KAMASA, Polish 1924-2003

TADEUSZ KAMASA, Polish 1924-2003

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H: 48cm (18.9")W: 54cm (21.3")


TADEUSZ KAMASA, Polish 1924-2003, oil on canvas, signed T. Kamasa, view of a harbour.

Tadeusz Kamasa, born 22.09.1924 in Posnan, Poland, died 2003, he was a Polish / Swedish artist.

He studied at the Academy of Art in Krakow.

1944 - he settles in Sweden.

1950 - he attended Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

Followed by study trips to Italy, Denmark, and Norway. 

He did a number of solo exhibitions including at Tranås and took part in exhibitions with Norra Smålands Art Association. 

His works consists of landscapes, portraits and still lives.  He won a gold medal for his landscapes at an Italian art exhibition.