SVANTE KEDE, Swedish 1877-1955

SVANTE KEDE, Swedish 1877-1955

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H: 34cm (13.4")W: 43cm (16.9")


SVANTE KEDE, Swedish 1877-1955, oil on canvas, signed, view of the Swedish highlands.


Svante Gustav Adolf Kede, born 1877 in Stockholm, died 1955 in Stockholm. 

1904-1908 - studied in Paris, his friends in Paris included the artists Erik Tryggelin, David Wallin, Otto Strandman, Svante Nilsson and Fritz Lindström, who even then were part of the  Racken Group where Gustaf Fjæstad was the leading artistic light. 

During the 1920's Kede also spent time in Tahiti.  He also did study trips to Spain, Marocco and the South Sea Islands.  He painted landscapes and figurwes from Spain and North Africa, the Lapland highlands and landscapes, as well as figures from Tahiti.

Svante Kede published "Otaheiti, söderhavsbilder", Nordisk Rotogravyr 1933.



National Museum, Stockholm,

Moderna Museet, Stockholm,

Norrköpings Museum of Art,

Kalmar Museum of Art,

Västerås Museum of Art,

Karlskrona Museum of Art, Sweden.