RAGNAR RING, Swedish 1908-1999

RAGNAR RING, Swedish 1908-1999

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H: 38cm (15")W: 46cm (18.1")


RAGNAR RING, Swedish 1908-1999, oil on panel, signed and dated '68, titled - "Bojar, Tylösand". buoys at Tylösand, original frame.

Georg Sigurd Ragnar Ring,born 13.06.1908 in Slättåkra, Hallands county, died 13.06.1999 in Oskarström. 

1934-1936 - undertook a correspondence in art

1939-1940 - private studies with Waldemar Lorentzon.

Followed by study trips to the Netherlands and Germany.

Soloo Exhibitions at Tylöhus, Laholm, Falkenberg, Rydaholm and Markaryd as well as others. 

And took part in exhibitions organised by Sveriges fria konstnärsförbund at several locations around Sweden.  His work include still lives, portraits, caricatures and surrealistic compositions in both oil and crayon.  He also did drawings for advertisements and the newspaper Hallandsposten.