MIKLÓS NÉMETH, Hungarian 1934-2012

MIKLÓS NÉMETH, Hungarian 1934-2012

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H: 69cm (27.2")W: 99cm (39")


MIKLÓS NÉMETH, Hungarian 1934-2012, oil on panel, signed and titled Dagsljuset - Daylight.

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1934, Németh died in 2012, he was a Hungarian painter.

Highly influenced by German Expressionism, Németh is notable for his important contributions to the Hungarian Modernist movement. His paintings are gestural and organic while ranging between the representational and abstract, often depicting landscapes, nudes, and portraiture. His distinctly bright palette often included starkly outlined forms and graphic, linear compositions. Rejecting the popular style of Socialist Realism, Németh was instead inspired by nature and labeled himself the "Painter of the Volcano," due to his attraction to the visual tactility of cooling lava which inspired his handling of paint.