MARTTI TARVAINEN, Finnish 1897-1985

MARTTI TARVAINEN, Finnish 1897-1985

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H: 74cm (29.1")W: 107cm (42.1")


MARTTI TARVAINEN, Finnish 1897-1985, oil on panel, singed and titled "Pojkars lekar" - ‘boys games’, a typical summer scene in the Nordic countries.


Exhibited: Uleåborg Konstmuseum 14.05-08.09 1995 (The Oulu Museum of Art, Oulu, Finland).


Martti Tarvainen, born 06.08.1897, died 02.11.1985. He was a painter and sculptor. 

1915-1917 - studied art at the Turku Art Association in 1915-1924-1925 - studied at the Finnish Art Association's drawing school.


His public commissions include:

Memorial of the War of Independence, Muhos Church - 1923

Memorial Chapel of the Heroes, Muhos Church - 1949

Five Breads and Two Fish, Oulu - 1950, destroyed when the building was torn down in the 1990's

“Siblings”, Tuira, Oulu - 1960

“Wings”, Karjasilta, Oulu - 1965

“Krusifi”, Tuira Church - 1967

“Tongue”, oil painting - 1954