LARS FALK oil on canvas

LARS FALK oil on canvas "Bohuskust"

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H: 48cm (18.9")W: 76cm (29.9")


LARS FALK, Swedish 1922-, oil on canvas, signed, titled "Bohuskust" view of the coast of Bohus County, north of Gothenburg, original frame.

Lars Erik Falk, ammended to Lars-Erik Oskar Falk, born 02.02.1922 in Uppsala.

He studied in Stockholm at Otte Skölds art school in 1944 and then at Isaac Grünewalds mart school in 1945.  He had his first solo exhibition in 1952 at Welamssons Konstgalleri in Stockholm, followed by other solo exhibitions in Uppsala, Sigtuna, Stockholm, Basel and Paris. 

His works are generally non-figurative and his media include painting, sculpture, textile and graphic arts.  He is especially well known for his public sculptures in aluminium which are painted in various colours.  Falk is also considered to have taken his own path in painting, abandoning the traditional expressionism and finding his own idiom. 

His public works include an Altar painting in Brännbokyrkan in Sigtuna (1965), several sculptures around Sweden; and for the Centre Culturel Suédois in Paris (1982) and Dresdner Bank in Mannheim (1996).


Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

Mondriaanhuis, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Musée de Grenobl, France

Kalmar Museum of Art, Sweden

and several other Swedish museums.