KNUT LJUNGBERG, Swedish 1911-1973

KNUT LJUNGBERG, Swedish 1911-1973

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H: 45cm (17.7")W: 66cm (26")


KNUT LJUNGBERG, Swedish 1911-1973, oil on canvas, signed, coastal landscape view.

Knut Ljungberg, born 1911 in Trosa, south of Stockholm, died 1973. 

1945 - studied art at Otte Sköld's painting school in Stockholm.

Followed by study trips to Denmark, South Africa, southern Spain and Majorca. 

1949 - Solo Exhibition in Kalmar

1952 - Solo Exhibition at the SDS-hallen in Malmö

1954 - Joint Exhibition with Sigurd Christensen in Oskarshamn

He took part in many other exhibitions around Sweden.  His works include still lives of flowers, portraits figure studies, animal pictures and landscapes. 


Kalmar Museum, Sweden.