KARL-GÖRAN EKLUND, Swedish 1921-2005

KARL-GÖRAN EKLUND, Swedish 1921-2005

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H: 31cm (12.2")W: 40cm (15.7")


KARL-GÖRAN EKLUND, Swedish 1921-2005, oil on panel, signed and dated 1950, landscape.

Karl-Göran Eklund, born 08.03.1921 in Vadstena, died 06.07.2005, he was a Swedish atrist and architect.  Eklund studied at Otte Sköld's painting school in Stockholm and durning trips toItaly, Holland, France and Spain.  He took part in exhibitions with Östgöta Konstförening.  His work includes still life's of flowers, city views, portraits and naturalistic landscapes.