HELMER HERTZHOFF, Swedish 1873-1958

HELMER HERTZHOFF, Swedish 1873-1958

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H: 55cm (21.7")W: 69cm (27.2")


HELMER HERTZHOFF, Swedish 1873-1958. Oil on canvas signed, titled "Vinterlandskap" - winter landscape.

Helmer Sigurd Fritiof Hertzhoff, originally Boding, born 16.05.1873, died 1958, he was a Swedish painter. 

He was primarily an autodidact, but also took private art lessons with various painters.  When he started his career as an artist, he took the surname of Hertzhoff. 

Solo Exhibitions -

1909 - Hallins Konsthandel, Stockholm

1911 - Hallins Konsthandel, Stockholm

1911 - at Valand in Gothenburg

1931 - Lilla Utställningen in Stockholm

He took part in several joint exhibitions including -

1910 - The Swedish Artists Association exhibition in Berlin 

1950 - Värmlands Region in Uppsala

He is primarily known for his landscapes, mostly from the north of Sweden, and a few city views, portraits and still life's.  He also did drawings and engravings.


National Museum, Stockholm

Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde, Museum of Art, Stockholm

Thielska Gallery, Stockholm

Gothenburg Museum of Art