GUNNAR WIBERG, Swedish 1894 - 1969

GUNNAR WIBERG, Swedish 1894 - 1969

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H: 34cm (13.4")W: 39cm (15.4")


GUNNAR WIBERG, Swedish 1894 - 1969, oil on canvas, signed and dated '29, coastal landscape with distant hills.

GUNNAR WIBERG, born 27.01.1894 in Överhörnäs, Själevads Parish, Västernorrlands County, died 21.05.1969, he was a Swedish painter. 

1909-1920 - worked as a painter decorator between 1909–1920 1921-1927 - studying art at the Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm. 1926 - he won the Academy's Council Medal. 

1929 - solo exhibition at Gummeson's Art Gallery in Stockholm, followed by other solo exhibitions.

1946 - represented in an exhibition of artists from Norrland at the Liljevalch Art Gallery, Stockholm.

1946-1947 - exhibited with The Swedish Artists Association Exhibition in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

1950 - exhibited with Frans Michael Kempe and Rulle Abrahamsson in Umeå, Sweden. 

He took part in several of Sweden's General Art Association's Salons in Stockholm from the 1920's onwards, as well as several exhibitions of provincial art in Norrland. 

He is known for his portraits, figures and landscapes in oils.


Swedish National Museums Reserve Collection with the painting 'Haga'.