GUNNAR WALLENTIN, Swedish  1905-1997

GUNNAR WALLENTIN, Swedish 1905-1997

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H: 78cm (30.7")W: 59cm (23.2")


GUNNAR WALLENTIN, Swedish 1905-1997, oil on canvas, signed and dated '51, titled verso "Skogsvägen" - woodland road.

Gunnar Arnold Wallentin, born 06.06.1905 in Brunnby parish, Malmöhus county, died 17.02.1997 in Mölle, he was a painter and sculptor. 

1915 - 1918 - first studied art.

1918 - worked as an ordinary seaman in the merchant navy where continued to draw and paint. 

1924 - Debut Exhibition in Helsingborg. 

1927 - 1928 - art studies at Wilhelmsons Art School in Stockholm.

1928 - 1928, studies at Maison Watteau in Paris. 

Later he studied at Academies Julian, Colarossi and Grande Chaumière.

Followed by study trips to Italy, Sardinia, Spain, England, Nigeria and South Africa. 

He held several solo exhibitions in Helsingborg, Malmö, Kristianstad, Halmstad, Ängelholm, Örebro, Borås, and in other locations in Sweden. 

1948 - he took part in 'The Young Ones Salon in Stockholm. 

His public commissions include several religious paintings for various churches and for Nyhamnsläge School and the Baptist High School in Sjövik, Folkärna. 

His works include figure studies, portraits, landscapesin oil and watercolour as well as sculptures in wood. 


Eskilstuna Art Museum, Sweden