GUNNAR STENBERG, Amaryllis, oil on canvas

GUNNAR STENBERG, Amaryllis, oil on canvas

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H: 38cm (15")W: 45cm (17.7")


GUNNAR STENBERG, 1919-1981 Swedish, signed and dated '58, oil on canvas, Amaryllis flowers in pots.

Gunnar Stenberg - Carl Ernst GUNNAR STENBERG, born 11. 09.1919 in Helsingborg, died 19.02.1981 in Slottstaden, Malmö, he was a Swedish artist.

He studied at the Skånska Art College and in Europe.  He worked in oil and watercolour, painting romantic influenced landscapes, often coastal views from the Kullabygden area, preferably at dusk.


Folkets Hus in Gothenburg and Halmstad.