ERIK ALSMARK, Swedish 1911-1950

ERIK ALSMARK, Swedish 1911-1950

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H: 33cm (13")W: 42cm (16.5")


ERIK ALSMARK, Swedish 1911-1950, signed and dated '43, oil on canvas, relined, view of the archipelago, original frame.

Eric Per Gustaf Alsmark, born 19.06.1911, died 1950; was a Swedish artist.  He studied at Skånska Målarskolan in Malmö and at Högre Konstindustriella Skolan as well as at the Scandinavian Academy, Maison Watteau in Paris (1919-1935) and in Munich.  He painted mainly landscapes in Sweden and France often with a brown -violet tones.


Public Commissions:

include the wall paintings at Malmö City Library


Malmö Museum, Sweden

Landskrona, Sweden.