EMIL ZOIR, Swedish 1861-1936

EMIL ZOIR, Swedish 1861-1936

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H: 66cm (26")W: 81.5cm (32.1")


Carl Emil (Emile) Zoir, born 28.11.1861 some sources give 1867 in Gothenburg, died 11.04.1936 in Gothenburg, he was a Swedish painter and graphic artist. 

Zoir studied at the Technical School in Gothenburg until 1880 and lived a cosmopolitan life after that.  In the early 1880's he travelled to England in order to go onto America.  Once in the U.S.A. he studied for several years at the Institute of Fine Arts in Boston.

1890 - 1894 completing his studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, before returning to America.

1896 - he returned to Europe and settled in Paris whilst constantly visiting and staying in other regions of Europe.

He took part in a long list of international exhibitions including.

1902 - Große Berliner Kunstausstellung, cat. No. 1842,1843.

1905 - the Liège International, World Exhibition. 

1905 - Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte della Città di Venezia.

1906 - The Paris Salon.

1907 - Salon des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1907.

1907 - The Royal Academy, London.

1907 - La Biennales, Venice.

1907 - returned to Gothenburg, but remained restless taking several long foreign trips.

1908 - Konstnarshuset, Stockholm, 1908. Zoir coordinated this exhibition of works by Rodin, Charles Cottet, and himself.
1908 - Große Berliner Kunstausstellung, cat. No. 717.

1908 - Munich Secession Exhibition, cat. No. 190 & 191.

1909 - La Biennales, Venice.

1909 - Valand, Gothenburg, and again in 1913, 1917, 1918.

1910 - Galeries d´Allard, Paris, Solo Exhibition with 116 works. 

1911 - Galeries d'Allard, Paris, Retrospective exhibition with introduction by Eduard Andre.

1911 - Esposizione Internazionale in Rome.

1911 - Olssens Konstsalong, Gothenburg.

1913 - Berlin Photographic Co, New York, cat. No. 368.

1914 - Erste Internationale Graphische Kunst-Ausstellung in Leipzig.

1914 - Baltic Exhibition in Malmö - Den Baltiska Utsstallningen

In Sweden he exhibited at Olsens Art Salon; at the Gothenburg Art Association held at Valandhuset; at the Lilla Utställningen in Stockholm. 

1926 - Göteborgs Konsthall (Art Gallery) solo exhibition. 

1934 - Lilla Utstallningen, Stockholm, 1934

He arranged an exhibition titled Sången om Bohuslän - The Song of Bohuslän, with works by Auguste Rodin, Charles Cottet and his own works, held at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm.

During his many travels through America and Europe he built up a large circle of contacts and won a certain fame, however in Sweden his work was met with little regard being treated with a certain indifference.  His works include portraits, working people, often bowed down with their labours, city views of Brügge, Venice, Stockholm and Visby.


Museum of Fine Arts Boston, U.S.A.

Musée du Luxembourg, France.

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden.

Malmö Museum, Sweden.

Private Collection – Bridgeman Images

and several other International Museums

1908 - Munich Secession Exhibition, also exhibiting that year - Auguste Rodin, Carl Larsson & Anders Zorn