EMIL ÅBERG, Swedish 1864-1940

EMIL ÅBERG, Swedish 1864-1940

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H: 18.5cm (7.3")W: 30.5cm (12")


EMIL ÅBERG, Swedish 1864-1940, oil on board, monogram signed, inscribed to the back as being a view from childhood and dated 1893, possibly Gotland.


Oskar Filip Emil Åberg, born 02.01.1864 in Uppsala, died 27.03.1940 in Sollentuna, he was a painter, engraver, illustrator, animator and director. 


Emil Åberg studied painting with Edvard Perséus and at Tekniska Skolan in Stockholm. Later, between 1883-1888, he studied at the Royal academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm; and etching with Axel Tallberg. 

Together with Aron Gerle in 1911, they exhibited at Hultberg's Art Gallery in Stockholm.  He took part in exhibitions with the Swedish Art Society and the Graphic Art Society.  He also exhibited at the Baltic Exhibition in 1914 and in the International Graphic Arts Exhibition in Leipzig in 1914. 

As a painter Emil Åberg often painted genre pictures in the 18th c, style, landscapes, city views and portraits.  his paintings are usually in a warm colouring. 

He is represented in Uppsala University Library, National Museum, Stockholm, Tekniska Museum Archives, Östergötlands Museum and Malmö Museum amongst others.

As an illustrator his work went into newspapers, postcards and for the children's library Saga Books and its Christmas Newsletter.  In 1916 Emil Åberg worked for the production company Pathé Frères agents in Stockholm and made 3 short animated films for them.