CARL WALDEMAR OLSON, Swedish 1864-1940

CARL WALDEMAR OLSON, Swedish 1864-1940

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H: 47cm (18.5")W: 70cm (27.6")


CARL WALDEMAR OLSON, Swedish 1864-1940, oil on canvas, signed C Olson and dated '14, a spring landscape, original frame with makers label.

Carl Waldemar Olsson, born 22.08.1864 in Göteborg, died 04.06.1940 in Göteborg. 

Olsson studied with Carl Larsson at Gothenburg's Museum Drawing and Painting Academy, followed by studies with Bruno Liljefors. 

1889-1891 - studied with Gabriel Ferrier, François Flameng and Léon Bonnat in Paris.  During his time in France he belonged to the circle in Grez and took part in the Paris Salons.  He also undertook some longer study tours of Portugal, South America, Italy and Denmark. 

1897 - joint exhibition with Carl Wilhelmson in Gothenburg.

1897 - took part in the Stockholm Exhibition.

1907 - exhibited at the Handicrafts and Industrial Exhibition in Lund.

1914 - the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö. 

During his stay in Portugal he painted street and city views, in France he painted often garden views.  His work in Sweden is mainly of coastal scenes.  He also painted still lives, figures either in oil or water colour.



Gothenburg Museum of Art

Their collection of Nordic art from around the turn of the century 1900 is unique of its kind.  A key part is the Fürstenberg Gallery, which is one of the most popular sections of the museum. The museum also has one of the foremost collections of Nordic colourists, among them the Gothenburg Colourists.