CARL ROESSLER, watercolour

CARL ROESSLER, watercolour

Code: 0046


H: 37cm (14.6")W: 45cm (17.7")


CARL ROESSLER, Bohemia 20.01.1877 - U.S.A. 28.04.1934, watercolour, titled verso Monterey Coast, USA, signed, the sea breaking on rocks, original frame. 

Carl Roessler, born in Bohemia 20.01.1877, died 28.04.1934.
Roessler settled in Los Angeles in 1908. He earned his living as a china painter and painted landscapes in his leisure. An Impressionist, he made many painting trips into the San Gabriel Mountains before his death.
LA Co. Fair, 1936.
Beverly Hills Woman's Club, 1936.