AXEL ZACHRISSON, Swedish 1884-1944

AXEL ZACHRISSON, Swedish 1884-1944

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H: 51cm (20.1")W: 61cm (24")


AXEL ZACHRISSON, Swedish 1884-1944, oil on canvas, signed, title - Fjällsjö - Tundra lake, original frame.

Axel Gabriel ZACHRISSON, born 24.03.1884 Tydje Parish, Dalsland, died 05.04.1944 in Malmköping, Sweden. 

Axel Zachrisson studied with Otto Hesselbom and then with Carl Wilhelmson after having been at sea for many years. He also undertook a study tour to France and Italy.

He often painted landscapes with water from Dalsland region.


Dalsland Art Museum