ARTHUR HEICKELL, Finnish 1873-1958

ARTHUR HEICKELL, Finnish 1873-1958

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H: 40cm (15.7")W: 50cm (19.7")


ARTHUR HEICKELL, Finnish 1873-1958, oil on canvas, signed, rowing boat on the shore.

Arthur Heickell born 14.01.1873 in Tornio, died 28.01.1958 in Helsinki. 

1904 - graduated from the Finnish Art Association's drawing school, although Heickell has been called an autodidact.  He is present in a group photo of 1904 at the Ateneum Hall, along with Tyko Sallinen and Jalmari Ruokokoski. 

1904-1914 - studied in Germany in Dresden, Munich and Berlin.

1914-1918 - travelled to the United States and Canada. He painted a shrine at the Finnish Church of the Copper Cliff Mining City.  Heickell's name is not on the membership list of Finnish artist's club after returning from the USA due to unpaid membership fees.

1920’s & 1940’s - traveling throughout Finland & Sweden painting and selling his works, his subjects were the sea, flowering apple trees and topics related to Lapland. He also painted the Roma population. 

1939-1945 - living in Sweden, painting under the E. Johansson during the war. 

Heickell painted mainly En plein air, with views of landscapes and nature, he also painted church altar panels and portraits.

In 1921, Tilgmann's printing house commissioned Heickell for a picture of Mannerheim's great parade into Helsinki on the 16th May 1918. In it, General Mannerheim in white, with his troop, rides to Helsinki's main street, the painting now hangs at the National Museum of Finland. 

His portrait of Alfred Kordelin, 1912, is one of his early masterpieces.