ALBERT KRÜGER, Swedish 1885-1965

ALBERT KRÜGER, Swedish 1885-1965

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H: 26cm (10.2")W: 34cm (13.4")


ALBERT KRÜGER, Swedish 1885-1965, oil on board, signed, coastal landscape.

Albert Sigfrid Krüger, born 01.11.1885 in Östraby parsih, Skåne, died 08.06.1965 in Malmö Sankt Pauli parish.

1903-1904 - studied at Tekniska Evening School in Malmö 1905 - studies at the Tekniska School and at Althins Art School in Stockholm. 

He was a member of the art group Aura in Lund.  Krüger travelled a lot including to Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and all the Nordic Countries.  Krüger started his career as a naive painter, but went over to become a landscape painter with a controlled awareness of form in the colouristic style.


Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

Kristianstads Museum, Sweden

Malmö Museum, Sweden

The Tomelilla Konstsamling - Art Collection, Sweden

Ystads Museum of Art, Sweden

Österlens Museum, Simrishamn, Sweden

Landskrona Museum, Sweden

and in other collections.