About Us

Art & Paintings are for me a key to memories of place, people and occasions.  They can conjure up when you first saw a place, whom you were with or just happy times, or even just a view to reflect upon, that gives you a peaceful feeling, calm and comfort. 

Looking at a picture should be a pleasure, a joy, which brightens your mood, life and surroundings.  Hence I when I look to buy I consider the view, the light, the pallet / colouring and of course style. Does the style compliment the composition and do I love it enough to hang at home and look at every day.

Who the artist is does have a bearing in my choices, but not always.  There are plenty of good artists who haven't been discovered but still painted good pictures, so does it matter.

One of my stories - I had to wait several days one summer in Stockholm to get into a shop I wanted to explore, finally they were open - they have long summer holidays there.  I walked in and scanned the walls and my eyes stopped at a painting, I know that, I know when I last saw it and the memory of its surroundings unfolded around the picture.  So I bought it.  I last saw it in my grandparents' drawing room when their home was broken up and that painting was forgotten, in over 20 years it hadn't even moved very far across town.  Visual memory can be very strong and I remembered it and those connected with it.

So pictures and art that are striking and a pleasure to look at are to me the most important element and I hope you find something in my collection that you enjoy looking at or reminds you of a place or people in your life.

When it comes to furniture and other things I still use the same criteria, are they pleasing, practical and a good design - good quality can sum it up.  There is also the maxim of function, quality and elegance, for me those are guiding principles as well as enjoying the piece.

I have been buying and looking at art and antiques since I was a teenager, buying what I feel in love with.  Even now when I look at those pieces I remember the moment, the place and people I was with.  Good pieces are always above fashion, their own quality lies beyond fashion and so are timeless.  Homes are an accumulation of things that we find, a mixture of styles and periods, but each represent something about us and are an extension of ourselves.